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Welcome to the home of the Longwood Wizards Guild, a source for puzzles which we hope you'll find entertaining. Our first product is called Seahaven Towers and has been available for Macintosh users since 1988. A major update of Seahaven Towers was released in December of 2002, including a version for Windows users in July of 2003. Our second product was called Haniport Levee and was released in April of 2005. It was decommissioned in July of 2011.

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Seahaven Towers presents a solitaire puzzle which you may play countless times for hours of puzzle solving entertainment. It is by default configured to find and present solvable puzzles every time. Seahaven Towers is available with a free 45 day evaluation period. Better yet, you can use our products on all the computers in your household, for either platform, in accordance with our generous End User License Agreements. HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE THAT AT THIS TIME Mac OS X Lion IS NOT SUPPORTED. If you enjoy Seahaven Towers you may purchase a license, directly and securely, right from within the program for $20.00 (USD).

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